Tiara Beach Resort

Today my client brought along his family to witness the auction process. He is interested in the Tiara Beach Resort apartment and has been waiting for my instruction when to buy one unit. He specifically instruct me that he want a 2 rooms unit and facing pool. Wow! Quite demanding but what to do. He is my client. Got to satisfy him.

I came early to avoid the traffic and register first on his behalf. Takut maa…takut terlepas registration. But until to date, i have not missed any registration deadline.

Tiara Beach Resort Port Dickson is located at 12th mile along the Port Dickson – Malacca (Melaka) old trunk Beach Road. It is opposite the Palm Springs Golf Resort and strategically situated in between the state of Selangor and Malacca.

Wow..enough of the introduction. Any bookings for this unit ?We will start our operation in September 2009, starting with 3 units in hand.


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